etwood WPC profiles

State of the art product for your exterior living spaces

ETWood WPC profiles – Decking, Siding and Fence-Railing Board for exterior decoration is a state-of-the-art made of hard wood fibers, modified PVC and additives are covered by special engineered Terpolymer-ASA that has a wide - almost unlimited range of the natural design without the expense of the maintenance and defects normally found in standard WPC profiles.


Fading and color changes of the WPC profiles for exterior decoration after exposure to the natural light is highlighted as a basic remark. During the market research in the countries of the region as the main remarks in frequency are listed:
fading and color change even in the first years after installation,
insufficient impact resistance,
and poor fire resistance especially in the case of the WPC materials based on PP and PE.
This was the starting point for Eco TechWood doo, Serbia to develop and offer to the customers a new product by using the latest co-extrusion technology whose core, in a structure similar as standard PVC-WPC profile, is with all four sides protected and reinforced with Terpolymer-ASA which significantly prolongs the life cycle of standard WPC profiles.


does not fade and retains stable colouristics in all weather conditions


has significantly improved impact resistance in the lower temperature


can fulfill fire safety standards prescribed in the construction industry

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What is ASA?

  1. What is ASA?
    It is Acrylonitrile-Styrene Acrylate rubber ternary polymer - ASA for short wich is developed in the Lab 1970 based on ABS and it has 10x better UV resistance then ABS. First commercial usage was started 2002. in the PVC industry and in the last several years it has introduced in the state of the art ASA/PVC-WPC co-extrusion technology.

  2. Why is ASA-PVC fadeless?
    ASA is a kind of amorphous terpolymer wich does not include double bond. The carbonyl and nitrile in macromolecular chain have strong UV and weather resistance ability.What's more,the structure of Benzene is very stable,so it can better resist UV and keep color stable.

  3. How long is the life time of ASA-PVC co-extrusion WPC products?
    It can be used for more than 20 years when there is no human destruction and it is Fadeless.

  4. Why does ASA-PVC co-extruded product slip resistant and wear resistant?
    Because the outer shell material of ASA-PVC co-extruded WPC decking - terpolymer contents Acrylic Rubber, which makes the product wear resistant and adhesive stronger, so that it has the ability of slip resistant.

  5. What are the main features of ASA-PVC Co-extrusion products? High Bending failure load, Low water absorption, Small ambient temperature drop ball impact, Formaldehyde release--E0, High Light fastness

Therefore, ASA co-extruded products have fundamentally overcomed the techology difficulties and the pain spots of the standard WPC profiles as below:


High crack resistance opposed to those based on crystaline polymers (PP, PE)


Great creap resistance in amorphous (PVC)


No fading and color changing after exposure to UV rays


High fire resistance

About us

Eco TechWood doo is a family company dedicated to WPC profiles production using co-extrusion, additionally protected from all four sides, which sets them apart from standard ones. Our mission is to provide the best possible product for external use in the category of WPC profiles for the end consumer.